Monday, August 18, 2014

My Evening Pamper Essentials!

Sometimes everyone needs a little "me time" and pamper themselves deserve it! After a long day out or days when I'm kind of feeling down I'll have a pamper evening. So here's the things that I would use to pamper myself! 

1. Bath Ritual 

On pamper nights I like to get into the tub cause why not? I really didn't like going into the bathtub before because I thought that I was just in my own dirt/sweat but it actually really relaxes me and calms me down! Usually I'll pop in a bubble bar or bath bomb into the tub so it'll smell really good and make my skin soft! While I'm in the tub I put on some kind of hair mask/treatment since I'm in the tub for about 20-30 minutes which is perfect timing for the treatment to really soak into your hair. While my hair mask is doing its job, I like to wash my body with some type of bath salt or scrub because it gets all the dead skin off and it feels refreshing. 

2. Get the Face Pampered 

Now that my body is squeaky clean, I put on a face mask to really feel like I'm at a real spa or something. I usually put the face mask that I'm going to use that night in the fridge beforehand so that after bath time, it will feel cooling on my face! 

3. TEA, TEA, TEA! 

If y'all didn't know, I am obsessed with tea. I found this tea at the local grocery store and thought it would be the perfect winding down tea to drink at night. I absolutely adore this tea, and it makes me feel relaxed and calm after I drink it, every. single. time. 

What are your pamper essentials?! Hope you all enjoyed and I will catch you in the next post! Until then, have a great pamper session! 


  1. That Lush Mask has been in my wishlist for a while now! Any thoughs?!!! Thank you so much :D

    Monday mask have just began, for a healthier hair visit:
    Just beginning but it would mean a lot! Thank you so much!!! Kisses from Barcelona :)

    1. Definitely a great investment! You put the mask on for about 20 minutes then you have to shampoo and condition your hair afterwards, so it's the perfect time to treat yourself to a bath. (: The mask is geared towards damaged hair so it really nourishes and hydrates my dry hair!

      Charleen x